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Additional Housing Resources

Find assistance with many different housing needs, including finding affordable housing, home repairs, and more.

United Way 211

2-1-1 is the first stop for most housing needs.  Call 2-1-1 to be connected to resources in your area, or visit the links below for assistance with:

  • Food Stamps

  • Social Security

  • Unemployment

  • Education Services

  • Health Care

  • Veteran Services

  • Legal Services

  • Transportation

  • Mental Health Services

  • Housing Services

  • Food Pantries

  • Emergency Shelters

Find additional resources for:

Currently Homeless

If you are currently living on the street or in a shelter, find contact information for agencies that can help.

Looking for Affordable Housing

If you're in need of an affordable place to live, find options with MHDC's Affordable Housing Locator tool.

Housed but in Need of Resources

If you're facing eviction, temporarily staying with family and friends, or couch surfing, call the United Way 2-1-1 or visit the links above for assistance.

In Need of Home Repair

Find an agency that can help here.

Disclaimer: Efforts to ensure the reliability of the information listed on this website have been made, however this does not provide a guarantee of service eligibility or the availability of services listed. The host of this website assumes no responsibility for the services provided by the organizations listed.

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