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SAFHR for Homeowners (also known as the Homeowner Assistance Fund, or HAF) is a federally-funded mortgage reinstatement program for Missouri homeowners impacted by COVID-19.

The Missouri Housing Development Commission (MHDC) is administering SAHFR for Homeowners and working with third-party vendors to manage the program's online administration systems for mortgage servicers.  Visit the application portal for more information about SAFHR for Homeowners.

In order to receive funding through SAFHR for Homeowners, mortgage servicers must sign an acknowledgment with MHDC. 

Learn About the Program

MHDC held an info session with the Missouri Bankers Association on March 29, 2022.


Watch the recording here to learn about:

  1. The SAFHR program and MHDC

  2. Why mortgage servicers should sign up proactively

  3. The verification and funding process

  4. What MHDC is doing to advertise the program

  5. The best ways to inform your borrowers

Then, follow the sections below to sign up as a mortgage servicer with SAFHR for Homeowners.

1 - Sign the Acknowledgment

An acknowledgment between MHDC and the mortgage servicer is required in order for funds to be transferred.  Mortgage Servicers only need to complete this process once with MHDC - the acknowledgment will cover all borrower applications.



Review the Missouri HAF Servicer Packet



the Acknowledgment and Onboarding Form

The Missouri HAF Servicer Packet contains all the documentation you need to get started.  In it, you'll find these documents, linked separately for your convenience:

  1. The Missouri HAF Acknowledgment and Consent

  2. The Missouri HAF Servicer Onboarding Form to collect Point of Contact, ACH Information, CDF details, and more.

  3. The Missouri Homeowner Assistance Fund Term Sheet

2 - UnderstanD the Funding Process

Your borrowers will apply for SAFHR for Homeowners on their own.  Getting the Acknowledgment in place prior to borrowers applying will allow us to expedite funding of their applications. 

SAFHR follows a Common Data File (CDF)-based approval process.  The U.S. Department of Treasury created the CDF as a way for Housing Finance Agencies (HFAs), like MHDC, and lenders to "communicate" with one another on behalf of the borrower. 

The CDF is an Excel file that contains data regarding the borrower's loan, including lender-specific information.  MHDC will send a CDF record to the lender or servicer that indicates the assistance program being considered.  The CDF includes the borrower's loan information, including approval, objection, payment information, servicer transfers, and program withdrawals and terminations.  The CDF is the way we will communicate and verify information with you, including which funds to apply to which accounts.  Once approved and verified, funds will be transferred via ACH.

The process will roughly follow the steps outlined below.  If you have questions about this process, please contact us at

SAFHR Mortgage Servicer Payment Process 2.png

CDF Servicer Training

For more information on the CDF process, please review this PowerPoint presentation that walks you through how to use the CDF, prepare records, and more.

CDF Sample File

Download a sample CDF Excel file to learn more about the format.

3 - Inform YouR Customers

MHDC is running an extensive and comprehensive advertising campaign for SAFHR for Homeowners, including digital, social, TV, and radio ads.  However, you have a direct line to your borrowers!

There are three ways you can help inform your customers about the program, so they can get caught up on their payments:

  1. Send targeted emails and direct mail pieces to all customers >30 days behind on payments.

  2. Add a pop-up or banner message to your online payments portal, or to the website customers go to to log in.

  3. For customers receiving mailed statements/bills, include a statement stuffer or ad letting them know about the program (consider also making a dedicated landing page on your site that they can go to for more information, or pointing them directly to the application portal at

We've created many materials that you can use immediately with your borrowers!

Access the marketing kit via DropBox, below, for brochures, suggested email copy, and more.  Email for questions about access or usage, or for assistance in customizing the materials.

Screen Shot 2022-03-28 at 1.59.58 PM.png

Over 120 mortgage servicers have signed up with SAFHR for Homeowners - see the full list here.

For questions or if you have any trouble accessing the documentation, please email

For additional programs, information, and contacts, please visit the main Missouri Housing Development Commission website at

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