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Additional Program Details

The State Assistance for Housing Relief (SAFHR) Program for Landlords provides rent assistance for households who have been impacted by COVID-19.


Landlords can apply on behalf of eligible tenants for rental assistance to be paid directly to the landlord.  Rental assistance includes up to 18 months of rent arrears for the period beginning April 2020 and up to 3 months of forward rent per application.  Eligible tenants can also apply for utility assistance through the SAFHR for Renters program.


If outstanding rental arrears are owed beyond SAFHR rental arrear awards, landlords must agree to non-eviction for remaining rental arrears and enter into a payment plan with tenant.  Total assistance cannot exceed a period of 12 months.

The brochure provides an overview of the program and is suitable for printing and distribution.
Frequently Asked Questions
The Missouri State Assistance for Housing Relief Program Application Packet is a comprehensive guide to the SAFHR program. The packet includes:
  • An overview of the SAFHR program and eligibility
  • Information on the application process
Updated 10.14.22
The Missouri State Assistance for Housing Relief Program Tenant and Landlord Application Worksheets can be used to gather all of the required tenant information to complete a SAFHR application.
The Landlord Worksheet will help Landlords ensure they have all the information needed to apply. 
The Tenant Worksheet is intended for tenants to complete.
Updated 10.14.22
Updated 10.14.22


If your tenant resides in Clay County, Greene County, Jackson County, Jefferson County, St. Louis County, Kansas City, or St. Louis City, you should still apply for SAFHR for Landlords through this site. 

But, these locales may also have programs for their residents.  Take a look at the site for your area below.

Funding information can be found here.
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