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The SAFHR for Renters Program has exhausted all funds and is now closed.

The SAFHR for Renters and Landlords Program has exhausted all funds and is now closed.

New applications are no longer being accepted.

What is required to apply?

Applications for SAFHR for Renters are completed through an online system.  Tenants must have a valid email address to submit an application.  If requesting rental assistance, your landlord must also have a valid email address.

You must use Google Chrome or Firefox web browsers to complete your application.  Use of other browsers, especially Internet Explorer, can result in loss of functionality and incorrect or incomplete information being submitted in your application which could result in a delayed processing.

How Do I apply?



  1. Verify your eligibility here.

  2. Review and complete the pre-application checklist.



  1. Visit the Application Portal and create an account.

  2. Fill in the required information in the Tenant portion of the application.  NOTE: It's ok if you make a mistake!  You'll be contacted to correct any information, without having to re-submit!

  3. If applying for rental assistance, you'll be directed to send the application to your landlord for additional information. 

  4. When this is complete, you will submit the application.



  1. If corrections are required, you'll be notified to update the information and resubmit (without having to reapply in entirety!).

  2. Once any corrections are completed, payment typically occurs within 2-4 weeks.

  3. You'll be emailed about the status of your application as it is processed.

Have questions not answered above?  We may have the answers in our FAQ.

need help with your application?

SAFHR Housing Stability Service agencies are here to help!  Learn how to contact the agency for your county of residence.


Tenants will complete an online application. If requesting rental arrears or forward rent assistance, tenants must complete application in collaboration with their landlord. If requesting forward rent assistance, landlords must agree to not evict tenant for the months receiving assistance. If outstanding rental arrears are owed beyond SAFHR rental arrear awards, landlords must agree to non-eviction for remaining rental arrears and enter into a payment plan with tenant.

Applications will be evaluated for eligibility and completeness. Tenants will be notified of application status or additional requested items by email. For rental arrears and forward rent assistance applications, landlords will be notified of application status by email.

In order to successfully submit an application the tenant and landlord, if applying for rental assistance, must have an active email address.  Please call 1-833-541-1599 if you need assistance.

Depending on the volume of utility requests, payment of utility requests could take several weeks after processing begins. If an application contain both rent and utility requests, the rental request and the utility request(s) will be processed separately. RENTAL ARREARS and FORWARD RENTAL ASSISTANCE applications will begin processing immediately. Applicants can submit more than one application for assistance, as long as it is not for the same type of request (i.e. rent, electric, gas, etc.) for the same time period.


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