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RESOURCES for Missouri Homeowners

Get caught up on your mortgage, avoid foreclosure, and find

assistance for the months ahead.

SAFHR for Homeowners

The SAFHR for Homeowners program is a mortgage reinstatement and monthly mortgage assistance program for Missouri Homeowners that pays your mortgage servicer directly. If you are behind on your mortgage or in need of help making your monthly mortgage payments, SAFHR for Homeowners offers the opportunity to catch up and even get ahead.

The program operates an application portal at  Learn about the application process below. 

Visit the portal for FAQs, detailed program information, and to apply.

SAFHR Homeowner Applicant Journey - Final Branded.png

Mortgage Assistance counseling

Need help navigating a legal issue related to homeownership, or avoiding foreclosure?  Or need help applying to SAFHR for Homeowners?

MHDC has partnered with MAC (Mortgage Assistance Counseling) Agencies across Missouri to help.  Read more about the program and find a MAC Agency in your county.

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