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New Applications

 No Longer Accepted After January 31, 2023

New Applications for rental assistance through SAFHR for Renters and Landlords will no longer be accepted after January 31, 2023. 


Applications submitted prior to January 31 will continue to be processed until all funds have been expended.

Missouri will join more than 25 states who have distributed all the emergency rental assistance funding for housing stability allocated by the federal government.

Is your Missouri tenant financially impacted by COVID-19?
Learn more about programs that can help your tenant with rent payments.
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The State Assistance for Housing Relief (SAFHR) for Landlords program provides rent assistance for eligible Missouri residents who have been impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. 

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Who is Eligible?

Your tenant is likely eligible if their household income is <80% of the area's median income, and they are at risk of losing their housing due to a financial hardship brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic.  


How Do I Apply?

Verify tenant eligibility, collect the required information, and complete the application.  Applications are open now.

Note: Beginning November 1, 2021, the SAFHR program will no longer issue payment to pre-paid cards or payment apps.  All payments must be issued to a valid personal or business checking account or by check.  The SAFHR program is committed to providing assistance to those in need, so please contact us if your circumstances don't allow for these payment methods.

Looking for Information on ERAP?
Visit our ERAP portal.  
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