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Missouri COVID Rental Assistance

The SAFHR for Renters and Landlords Programs exhausted all funds and closed in February 2023.

Unfortunately, there was not sufficient funding to accommodate all applications.

If you have not received an email from SAFHR with subject line: “Missouri SAFHR Program Rental Assistance Application Approval”, then there are insufficient funds to fulfill your request.


The SAFHR for Renters and Landlords programs are no longer processing or paying any applications for rental or utility assistance due to lack of funding.


All communication through the and emails will be limited to resolving issues with payments previously issued and questions regarding 1099 tax forms. The call center will remain open to answer questions regarding 1099 tax forms. 

All inquiries regarding 1099 tax forms should be directed to


The SAFHR program was designed to provide temporary immediate emergency assistance in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. After two years, over $600 million in federal stimulus funds assisted more than 100,000 applicants and prevented over 75,000 households from eviction. The SAFHR staff is grateful to have been able to help so many thousands of households and though the application portal will be closing, tenants with additional needs may be able to find assistance by calling 211 to locate a local non-profit who provide assistance through MHDC’s many other programs. Additionally, the Housing Stability and Eviction Diversion (HSED) program will continue to operate to help households with active eviction filings with legal assistance and case management. 


Look for additional resources by calling 211 or go to to find an HSED agency for help with a pending eviction.

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